Equipping teachers to teach children

Principles of teaching of children

Love God Most

Did you know that as a parent, Sunday school teacher or children’s worker, you have one of the biggest privileges and highest responsibilities? Guiding children to love God most of all! You can make a difference with whatever time you have available, daily or weekly. This book provides Biblical teaching, inspiration and practical ideas for parents and teachers to help children who have already believed in Jesus to grow in their relationship with the God who saved them.

Principles of teaching of children

Choose God’s Ways

Children’s choices are influenced by a myriad of voices – entertainment, peers, culture, politics, etc. You as a parent, Sunday school teacher or children’s worker are one of the key voices speaking into the lives of the children around you. You have the high honour of helping children hear God’s guiding voice (Isaiah 30:21) and choose God’s ways! This book provides Biblical teaching, insights, inspiration and practical ideas to help believing children know God’s way is best and embrace a life of following God’s commands.

Evangelism of Children

A Manual on the Evangelism of Children

In most countries the vast majority of children have never heard the Gospel. It is not enough to gather the children together, to get their attention or to have an enjoyable time. The need of the children and the command of Christ demand that boys and girls be evangelised.
This book deals with the need and how to evangelise; what Bible truths to teach the children and how to teach these truths; God’s invitation, repentance and faith and how to use different parts of the programme to evangelise.

First Steps

First Steps

This book endeavours to cover just about everything which is involved in a ministry to children. The primary purpose of the book is to help those who are starting a ministry to children, or who have just become involved in such a ministry. It will also be a help to those who have already gained much experience in the work. It will enable them to check and examine what they are doing in the light of what they read and perhaps, in the light of such examination, to find ways by which they may improve and deepen their ministry.
Guidelines for the Christian Family

Guidelines for the Christian Family

The responsibility of Christian parents is a subject about which the Bible has much to say. The education of a child begins at birth. Long before the child learns to reason, he acquires feelings, attitudes, responses and habits that form his life and personality. What a wonderful privilege and responsibility God has given to us as Christian parents to help him in those early formative years! May the Lord use this book to encourage and equip you, as Christian parents, in your God-given task of bringing up your children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).
Bible Doctrines for children

How to Teach Bible Doctrines to Children

This manual helps children’s workers to better understand Bible doctrines and how to teach them to children. Children love stories and telling stories is often easier than explaining truths. But sooner or later children will ask the big question: what do these stories teach about God and about us? In today’s society, our children have a great need to understand the teaching of the Bible and it is important to teach those great truths accurately and interestingly. This book will help you to achieve these goals.
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The Bible Lesson

This book deals in great detail with how to teach children a Bible lesson that can impact their lives, rather than just telling them Bible stories.
The book shows step by step how to develop and teach a good Bible lesson. Subjects like: Storytelling; Story or lesson; Finding and teaching Bible truth in a lesson and how to apply it to the lives of the children you are teaching; Presenting the lesson; Preparation and the ministry of the Holy Spirit as you prepare and teach. The book concludes with a sample Bible lesson.
Principles of teaching of children

The Principles of Teaching

The subject of this book is “teaching”. Not the teaching of children specifically – but teaching! The principles of teaching adults are exactly the same as those for teaching children and the principles for teaching unsaved children are the same as those for teaching saved children. This book shows you what teaching is and how you can teach effectively in the service of the Lord. It is a book to study, not just to read and at the end of each chapter there is a little self-assessment chart.
Principles of teaching of children

U-can Counsel a Christian Child

Believing children have many questions and problems. It is our responsibility, and also our privilege, to give them, as best we can, the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems from the Word of God. There is a special need for children’s workers to learn how they can be effective, and really helpful, in a personal counselling situation. This book will help you find answers to many of the problems believing children face in an alien world. Biblical answers will help you as you seek to counsel and guide children in the Christian life.
Principles of teaching of children

U-can Help Christian Children to Grow

This book on the subject of follow-up work has been written as an attempt to assist all those who work with saved children and who want help for their ministry. It gives guidelines to help children’s workers teach children who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour – so that they will grow spiritually. A study of this book will enable you to learn important principles in helping children take those first steps of discipleship as they pray, learn Bible truths and follow the path of obedience.
Principles of teaching of children

U-can Know God’s Plan for Children

In this book you will be looking at specific passages in the Bible to discover that God has a special plan for each child. You will find that God wants boys and girls to know Him personally and to have complete trust and confidence in Him. Whether you are a parent, school teacher or church worker you will find this book both informative and challenging. It is also an excellent text book to use at training seminars to introduce teachers or prospective teachers to what the Bible says about children.
Principles of teaching of children

U-can Lead Children to Christ

There is no greater thrill for a teacher of God’s Word to children than when a boy or girl comes and intimates, in some way, that he or she wishes to be saved. What a joy it is to sit down with such a child and gently and carefully lead him or her to the Saviour. In this book you will be taken systematically through the steps to be followed. Care is taken never to violate the child’s will and never seek to force a “decision”. This is also a book that teachers of teachers will find helpful in preparing others to lead children to Christ.

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