Teaching children how God is in control throughout history


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Five lessons that lay the foundation to understanding the rest of the Bible:
1. God created
2. Sin comes into the world
3. The first children (Cain and Abel)
4. Walking with God (Enoch)
5. God will punish sin (Noah)


Five lessons teaching children important lessons from the life of Abraham:
1. Call of Abraham
2. Abraham’s gift of his son
3. Abraham seeks a bride for his son
4. The birthright and the blessing
5. Jacob away from home


Five lessons teaching all that things work together for good to those who love God:
1. Joseph, the beloved son
2. Joseph, sold by his brothers
3. Joseph the prisoner
4. Joseph rewarded
5. Joseph cares for his family

Moses – Chosen Deliverer

Six lessons teaching that how God leads His children out of Egypt:
1. The birth of Moses
2. God’s call to Moses
3. Moses delivers God’s message
4. Moses sees God’s power
5. The triumphant crossing
6. The people complain, God provides

Moses – The Law Giver

Six lessons showing how we disobey God and how He provides a remedy:
1. God speaks at Sinai
2. The idolatry of the people
3. Exploring the new land
4. Moses sins against God
5. A serpent of brass
6. Moses and the transfiguration

Right and Wrong

Six lessons teaching the Ten Commandments to children:
1. God has told us what is right and wrong
2. Only one God
3. Watch your tongue!
4. Use Sunday right – and the other days too!
5. Thoughts and actions!
6. I can’t live without that

Joshua – God’s Warrior

Six lessons emphasising the relationship between God and His children:
1. Joshua becomes God’s leader
2. The red cord in the window
3. The fall of Jericho
4. The sin of Achan
5. The story of the Gibeonites
6. Joshua tells the people goodbye

Judges – Disobedience and Deliverance

(with free visuals)

Six lessons in which children learn about God’s dealings with His people:
1. Israel’s broken promise
2. Deborah and Barak deliver Israel
3. Gideon learns to be bold for God
4. Gideon and the 300 against the Midianites
5. God chooses Samson
6. Samson and Delilah


(visuals out of print)

Five lessons teaching children how Ruth chose God and how they too can find the Redeemer
1. Ruth chooses the God of Israel
2. Ruth the outsider
3. Ruth learns about the kinsman-redeemer
4. Ruth finds a redeemer
5. Ruth enters the family of the redeemer

David – A Man After God’s Heart

Six lessons through which children will learn about David’s faith in God
1. Israel chooses a king
2. Saul’s disobedience
3. God chooses a king
4. David and Goliath
5. A friend and an enemy
6. David spares his enemy

David’s Reign – Trials and Triumphs

This series teaches children important lessons from David’s victories and failures:
1a. David among the Philistines
1b. Saul consults a medium
2. David becomes king according to God’s Word
3a. The Ark of the Covenant captured and brought back
3b. David and Bathsheba
4. David and Mephibosheth
5. Absalom’s rebellion against David
6. Solomon succeeds David as king

Elijah – Prophet of the Living God

Six lessons teaching children through Elijah’s life about the true and living God:
1. Elijah’s startling news
2. Elijah’s struggle against the false god
3. Elijah runs from Queen Jezebel
4. Elijah and Naboth’s vineyard
5. Elijah goes to Heaven
6. Elijah talks with the Lord Jesus

Elisha – Prophet of the Faithful God

Six lessons encouraging children to trust in God at all times and to witness:
1. Elisha’s authority established by God
2. Elisha and the widow’s oil
3. Elisha raises the Shunammite’s son
4. Naaman is healed of leprosy
5. Elisha trusts in God for His protection
6. Believe the good news

5 Kings of Judah

(with free visuals)

Important spiritual lessons children can learn from the lives of these five kings:
1. Jehoshaphat
2. Joash
3. Hezekiah
4. Manasseh
5. Josiah

The Call of Jeremiah

(with free visuals)

The special emphasis of this single lesson about Jeremiah is that God has a plan for your life.
For the unsaved child it means to put your trust in Jesus and ask Him to show you His plan for you, while saved children are encouraged to ask God to show them His plan and to give them strength to follow it.

Daniel – Strong in the Lord

Six lessons helping children to stand for God no matter what the cost:
1. Four young men tested
2. Daniel prays for wisdom
3. The fiery furnace
4. Nebuchadnezzar’s prideful fall
5. The handwriting on the wall
6. Daniel in the den of lions


Six lessons teaching children about the providence and sovereignty of God:
1. Esther becomes queen
2. Mordecai stands true
3. A call for help
4. God’s people honoured
5. Esther pleads for her people
6. God’s people are victorious


(with free visuals)

Five lessons teaching how God’s work needs to be done in His way for His glory:
1. The cupbearer with a heavy heart
2. A call to arise and build
3. Building walls and facing enemies
4. Facing problems among God’s people
5. A city dedicated to God

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