Teaching children key subjects

The Greatest Story

(with free visuals)

An Easter lesson suitable for large groups. Each puzzle piece tells a part of the crucifixion and resurrection story. As the lesson unfolds a picture is built up, revealing the outline of the Lord when the lesson is finished.
This lesson pack includes invitations, name badges, memory verse visuals with tokens, games, a craft idea and a take-home sheet.

Who Did It?

(with free resource pack)

This Easter lesson helps children aged 5–12 understand God’s plan of salvation. It gets them involved as they become detectives and discover who was responsible for the death of the Lord Jesus.
The lesson pack includes the complete programme with lesson text, full colour lesson visuals, invitations, warm-up game visual, memory verse visual, memory verse tokens, a craft idea and an activity page for younger and older children.

You’ve Got to Find the King!

(with free visuals)

This Christmas lesson follows the wise men in their search for the King of the Jews, as they follow a bright star that leads them eventually to Bethlehem. The lesson explains how the Lord Jesus is this King and, like the wise men, you need to find Him and worship Him as your Saviour and King. The text includes an explanation of Jeremiah 29:13, the suggested memory verse.

The Promised Saviour

(with free visuals)

This Christmas lesson shows children how God promised in the Old Testament to Adam and Eve, Abraham and David to send a Saviour and how He kept those promises by sending the Lord Jesus.
The lesson also briefly covers the death and resurrection of the Lord as fulfilment of these promises.

5 Great Questions

Teaching basic Bible doctrines to children who know little or nothing of the Bible:
1. How do we know about God?
2. How can I be right with God?
3. Are you sure?
4. Why am I here?
5. What about my future?

The Wordless Book Visualized

Five lessons explaining God’s redeeming love to children, using five colours:
1. God and Heaven
2. Sin
3. The blood of Christ
4. Right with God
5. Growing up in Christ

The Big Picture

(with free visuals)

Five lessons teaching foundational truths for today’s children:
1. Designer made (Creation and the fall)
2. Amazing God (God shows what He is like)
3. He can do it! (The authority of Jesus)
4. Something which changes everything (Jesus is alive)
5. Back where he belonged (Onesimus)

What Every Child Ought to Know

(with free visuals)

Five basic doctrinal lessons for children who are unfamiliar with Bible truths:
1. Who is God?
2. What is sin?
3. Who is Jesus Christ?
4. What did the Lord Jesus do?
5. What is the Bible?

Our Awesome God

Six lessons explaining to children in simple terms some of God’s attributes:
1. God is sovereign
2. God is holy
3. God is omniscient
4. God is omnipresent
5. God is omnipotent
6. God is truth

Right and Wrong

Six lessons teaching the Ten Commandments to children:
1. God has told us what is right and wrong
2. Only one God
3. Watch your tongue!
4. Use Sunday right – and the other days too!
5. Thoughts and actions!
6. I can’t live without that

Turned Around

Six lessons for unchurched children, each one strongly evangelistic in focus:
1. Zacchaeus – Saved and changed by the Lord Jesus
2. Mephibosheth – Accepted into the king’s family
3. Noah – Saved from destruction
4. The Ethiopian treasurer – Found by God
5. Saul – Turned around by God
6. Review lesson

God Cares When Children Are Sad

Teaching children about God’s love and care for them in difficult situations:
1. The outcast who was accepted by God (Jephthah)
2. The stranger welcomed (Ruth)
3. Clean in a dirty world (Samuel)
4. Learning to forgive others (Peter)
5. Despised by others, forgiven by God (Matthew)

The Lord Jesus Christ

(visuals out of print)

A series of five basic doctrinal lessons on the person and work of Christ
1. The Lord Jesus Christ – The Son of God
2. The Lord Jesus Christ – Man
3. The Lord Jesus Christ – Teacher
4. The Lord Jesus Christ – Priest
5. The Lord Jesus Christ – King

Knowing Christ

Five simple evangelistic lessons focusing on the great “I ams” of Christ:
1. The Good Shepherd
2. The Bread of Life
3. The Resurrection
4. The Light of the World
5. The Way

Meet the Author!

Five lessons for children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit:
1. Who is the Holy Spirit and what is He like?
2. The Holy Spirit gave us the Bible
3. The Holy Spirit gives life
4. The Holy Spirit, the believer’s Companion
5. The Holy Spirit gives strength to God’s children

The Church, God’s Family

(with free visuals)

Five lessons for children who are saved, but not integrated into a local church:
1. The church is alive
2. The church in Jerusalem
3. The church in Antioch
4. The church in Troas
5. The church at war

Great Truths in the Book of Romans

(with free visuals)

Six lessons explaining in simple terms some of the great doctrines in Romans:
1. “Guilty,” says the judge
2. The judge declares you right with the law
3. The very best friend (Holy Spirit)
4. God’s chosen people
5. The body of Christ
6. How much we owe

A Quiet Time

(visuals out of print)

Nine lessons to teach how believing children can have a daily Quiet Time:
1. What is a “Quiet Time”?
2. Why have a Quiet Time?
3. When and where to have a Quiet Time
4. How to have a Quiet Time (1)
5. How to have a Quiet Time (2)
6. How to pray
7. What do I need for a Quiet Time?
8. Sharing together (about Quiet Time)
9. Review

Sharing With Joy

Six lessons to help children understand stewardship:
1. God’s beautiful world and us
2. I don’t know exactly how it happened but I know it did!
3. Is your money really yours?
4. Giving to God brings joy
5. Serve God with your talents
6. Use your time wisely

Teach Us to Pray

(with free visuals)

Five lessons to teach children the privilege and importance of prayer:
1. It’s a thrill to be able to talk to God
2. Prayer – the Christian’s spiritual oxygen
3. My prayers bring joy to God
4. Other people need my prayers
5. Let’s learn to pray better

Overcoming the Enemy

(with free visuals)

This single lesson is written for children who face temptations of all kinds. Particular application is made to the temptation for older children to abuse drugs, steal and to use alcohol due to peer pressure. If the temptations your children are facing may be to tell lies, to cause trouble at school or to bully children of a different colour or race, apply as needed. The lesson can be used to evangelise unreached children at any time and has also much teaching for Christian children.

The Call of Jeremiah

(with free visuals)

The special emphasis of this single lesson about Jeremiah is that God has a plan for your life.
For the unsaved child it means to put your trust in Jesus and ask Him to show you His plan for you, while saved children are encouraged to ask God to show them His plan and to give them strength to follow it.

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