Showing children what God can do when we serve Him

Judges Disobidience and Deliverance

Corrie ten Boom

(with free visuals)

Five lessons in which Corrie ten Boom’s faith and courage will inspire the children you teach. Corrie remained faithful and strong in the Lord despite the terror of World War II, the danger of hiding Jews in her home in Holland and her resulting imprisonment in a German concentration camp.
1. The Good Shepherd
2. A happy family
3. In the school of God
4. Jesus is Victor
5. A tramp for the Lord
Judges Disobidience and Deliverance

Charles Studd

(with free visuals)

Five lessons about the life of Charles Studd, missionary to China, India and the Congo. This story encourages Christian boys and girls to witness and to seek God’s will about becoming a missionary.
1. A life given over to Christ
2. Charles obeys God’s call
3. Missionaries in China
4. New steps of faith
5. Taking the Gospel to Africa and the world

Judges Disobidience and Deliverance

Jesse’s Adventure

(with free visuals)

From a cow on top of a barn to the founding of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Los Angeles, this is the life story of Jesse Irvin Overholtzer.

Judges Disobidience and Deliverance

John Calvin

Three lessons recounting the exciting story of this great reformer who lived in France and Switzerland. At the end of each lesson there are discussion questions to help children apply the lesson to their own lives.
1. Calvin puts his trust in Jesus
2. Calvin seeks God’s will
3. Calvin stands through trials

Martin Luther

In this two-part lesson about the life of Martin Luther children are encouraged to believe in God’s grace and the authority of the Bible. At the same time, they will recognise that God steers history.
The lesson reveals the problems of religiosity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and shows the changes which are still having an impact today. God caused His Word to become accessible to the people of Europe.

Mrs. White

A short lesson which illustrates the Easter message. Terry lives on a large farm in South America and gives his pet hen the name “Mrs. White”. Eventually she produces a brood of chicks and Terry is so happy looking after them all – until one day the fire alarm sounds.


This is the life story of Patricia St. John, an English nurse who lived and worked in Morocco during the 1950s. In five lessons children see how God calls, guides and leads all those who put their trust in Him.
1. Far from home
2. Called by name
3. In God’s school
4. Writing for God
5. Women and girls begin to hear the Gospel

The Day Before Christmas Eve

An evangelistic lesson for the Christmas season. While visiting his Uncle Baudewig on Christmas Eve, Lars is left to wait for him on a sandbank on the mudflats in North Germany. Suddenly the tide comes in! As Lars looked at the light in a window, he is helped to see his need of Jesus, the Light of the world.

The Priceless Pearl

An evangelistic lesson about an old Indian pearl diver Rambhau, who cannot accept that salvation is a gift. He wants to earn it for himself. Finally the missionary helps him to understand the message of salvation, using the illustration of a priceless pearl.

William Carey

(with free visuals)

The story of the shoemaker who brought the Bible to India. Five exciting lessons, showing his first years, difficulties faced on the mission field and the work of God as a result of obedience. Each lesson ends with a “cliff hanger”.
1. The cobbler’s conversion
2. The preacher’s burden
3. The missionary’s journey
4. The translator’s goal
5. The teacher’s task

Without God in the world

(with free visuals)

A story from Slovakia about a boy called Martinko. This example of the Christian influence of a little boy on the entire village can awaken in Christian children a desire to have a closer relationship with Christ and to share the Gospel with other children and adults.

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