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About TeachKids Website

TeachKids provides free downloads of Bible lessons, biographical lessons and training manuals from Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) to help you teach children. These are available in English and several other European languages. Please use the “Language Switch” menu to see if your language has been added. Our aim is to help teachers all over Europe, hence our domain name: TeachKids.eu.

Advantages of CEF Literature

High Quality

CEF lessons are prepared and checked by an international team, thus ensuring high quality content without compromising the message of God’s Word.

Easy to Use

A “sample” of each lesson is included, together with ideas to strengthen the teaching throughout the whole programme.


As each teaching situation is different, the lessons can be adapted to suit your needs, whether you are teaching a small group of children meeting in a home or a large group meeting in a church building or in a school.

Jesus cares for people CEF


The Word of God is central to all CEF materials. The Gospel message is clearly presented in each series of Bible lessons.

Relevant to Today’s Child

It is important for children to learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives. Examples of everyday situations are included in the lessons to encourage children to think about how they should react if they are obeying God’s Word.

Easy to Understand

Lessons include activities to help children to understand the truths included in the Bible story.

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